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  • Chelsea Haith

Minderoo and Wolfson jump on board

We're delighted to announce that we've won a substantial grant award for our work! With the generous award of over £5500 from the Minderoo-Oxford Challenge in AI Governance we're now working towards putting our work into the world physically in November, with a planned in-person concert, exhibition and workshop on 30 November and 1 December at Wolfson College, in Oxford.

This series of events also signal our sustained connection with Wolfson College, where we will in future be supported by the Wolfson Digital Research Cluster under the Oxford-Berlin Partnerships seed-funding grants. Professor Dave de Roure will act as a mentor for the project, while Chelsea Haith, Rob Laidlow and Wenzel Mehnert continue in their leadership and creativity roles in the project.

Image: Wolfson College as seen from across the harbour, punts in the foreground, college and tents in the background. Image Credit to Wolfson College Comms team.


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