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  • Chelsea Haith

The Creative Collaborations Podcast

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

We're contributing a triptych of episodes to the Oxford/Berlin Creative Collaboration podcast series.

In the first episode the three researchers interview one another about the project and their methodological approaches to the research questions. This yields interesting interdisciplinary discussions of what creativity is, how we imagine the future as well as the past, and (we hope) makes our research accessible to a general audience.

In the second episode you can hear snippets from the narrative, the rest of which you can read on The Story page of this site. There's also a little music to whet the appetites of our listeners as we explore the next stage of the project: setting the story to music.

The last episode of the triptych will be released once we've produced more music and begun work on the short film, depending on the funding made available for this. We're planning to reflect on the process and product, exploring the decisions that we made over the course of this research project and how they affected the eventual outcome.

Listen to the three key researchers on this project discuss their methods and intentions with the project here.


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